Coaching provides clients with a confidential, independent sounding-board to explore the challenges and complexities of their roles, develop and maintain their self-awareness and confidence, and bolster their personal resilience.  

Our coaching generates practical solutions which enable clients to rise to the challenges of their business environment and sector, improve their business performance and manage themselves and their teams so they thrive personally and professionally.
We understand the challenges and the pressures that leaders and senior professionals and executives face. We are engaged by organisations to work with their key people and also by individuals wishing to work on particular issues outside the workplace. Our work is always confidential and our engagements are always conducted with the required level of discretion.

How Our Coaching Works

We work with clients from a range of sectors, including professional services, financial services, corporate and not-for-profit.  Every coaching programme is carefully tailored to meet the needs of the individual in alignment with the needs of the organisation: this maximises the value to both.  

Clients generally have six to eight coaching sessions, but it is not unusual for coaching engagements to be renewed and some very senior clients prefer an open-ended arrangement.  Each programme is structured to reflect the client’s goals, circumstances and timeframes.  Sessions typically last around two hours and generally take place monthly in the client’s offices or in meeting rooms in Cambridge or central London.

Before we begin any coaching programme we ensure that the chemistry is right, and if it isn’t we will suggest other coaches.  If the chemistry is right, we generally have a three-way meeting with the client and their line manager and/or someone from their HR function.  Once the coaching engagement begins, the content of the sessions is completely confidential.  Information or opinions will only be given to a line manager or to HR with the client's express consent.

At the end of each coaching programme a review takes place to assess and evaluate the coaching outcomes against the initial coaching goals.

Our Clients identify many benefits from our coaching including:

  • Greater clarity about what good leadership looks like and feels like for them
  • Deeper self-awareness and a greater understanding of their impact on others
  • Improved self-belief and enhanced ‘leadership presence’
  • A different perspective on their challenges and the opportunity to explore and rehearse a range of solutions
  • Renewed commitment and greater courage for delivering change
  • A more inspired and inspirational leadership style
  • Escaping the tyranny of perfection

Our Clients are high achieving, motivated individuals and teams:

  • Senior professionals and executives seeking a confidential, dynamic professional relationship, in which they will be challenged and supported
  • Senior executives transitioning to a new leadership role
  • High potentials being groomed for more senior roles and wanting to accelerate their development
  • Valuable players needing to address particular issues affecting their effectiveness
  • Key players whose organisations wish to support them through difficult challenges, eg. restructuring or culture change
  • Individuals seeking to successfully integrate their work and personal lives
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