Claire was tasked with the development of certain of our senior staff. In addition she was asked to analyse and report to the Board on their  potential as future leaders within the Company. She adopted a firm but sensitive approach and quickly gained the trust and respect of those with whom she dealt. Her attitude throughout was highly professional. Her advice was sound and extremely helpful to us in our subsequent deliberations. We are delighted that Claire continues as part of our ongoing development programme.
Chairman of Financial Services Company
and Former Senior Partner

of a Leading Commercial Law Firm

Claire is able to 'go anywhere' with you on your journey - she's a wonderful guide as you seek out ways to deliver your vision, to search your soul, to get body and mind working together, to tame your demons and make tangible progress in the work that matters to you. 

Business Growth, Investment, Incubator

 When we had a tricky succession problem – the designated successor to the MD of a subsidiary was unfamiliar with the rest of the firm and although intellectually capable not really quite experienced enough - Claire came up with a 3 year programme, starting with an intensive 3 month preparation phase, which seems to be doing the job.

It is perhaps not so much her wide experience and insights, although these are considerable advantages, as her ability to harness our own resources to help with the development programme. She managed to get my colleagues to help her and enjoy the experience in a way that has not only achieved the primary objective but also improved communication across the board.

Financial Services Group


I have really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Claire over the last six months.   Never having had coaching previously meant that I was going into the sessions with no preconceptions about what would happen and what I would get out of it.  
Claire was informative, professional, creative and challenging throughout - exactly what I needed!  As the sessions progressed I could see in myself how I was looking at things differently and using the techniques and thought processes discussed in my sessions to tackle different situations.  The coaching sessions have enabled me to approach situations with a renewed confidence which has aided my own effectiveness in my job role to no end and in turn had an impact on the team and the business.

Client Services Director
PR & Marketing Company

 Claire is passionate about enabling individuals and reinvigorating tired teams to find new ways of working together.

Claire stands out from the crowd, delivers clear messages effectively, and inspires teams to find positive ways forward. She is practical, inspirational and driven. 
Leading National UK Charity

 Claire works quickly, carefully and constructively to help the individuals that she works with to achieve their professional goals.  Claire brings exceptional emotional intelligence to this process, which injects a level of dynamism that one rarely sees in executive coaches.  She helped us to develop the next generation of our talent, with a flexibility of thought that allowed us to tailor the program towards our commercial goals.
Investment Management Company

Claire’s common sense approach to every situation we presented her with has brought focus and innovation to our succession planning process. Her independent thinking encouraged us to evaluate what we really needed and brought clarity to how we could achieve our goals. Claire’s energy is

Head of HR
Financial Services Group

I recently undertook a series of 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Claire.  This was my first experience of coaching and we focussed on my leadership skills as well as other areas I wanted to improve.  As a leader, it's rare that you get the opportunity to discuss and reflect on your own strategies, techniques and thoughts with someone independent.  With Claire's ability to ask the right questions and offer valuable insights we quickly identified the the issues and behaviours I could improve to increase my personal effectiveness.  We covered several different topics but after each session I felt I had a much clearer understanding and was better prepared and armed with practical and effective improvement tools and techniques.  It was a very positive experience and I would certainly recommend Claire to anyone who feels they may benefit from the coaching experience.

Director of Engineering
Global Mobile Technology Company

I worked with Claire over the course of eight months that were extremely difficult for me professionally.  She is an incredibly supportive and inspiring coach.  She helped me build the self-confidence I needed to withstand the pressures of my job and helped me to identify various workable solutions to problems which were seriously affectiving my productivity and job satisfaction.  When I was faced with a dilemma about my future career, she helped me recognise my priorities so that I could make a decision with absolute conviction that it was the right choice for me.  Our sessions together reignited my ambition and enthusiasm for my career and prepared me to embrace future challenges and opportunities.

Leading Commercial Set

After every interaction with Claire I come away with greater clarity and focus. She’s not afraid to ask the difficult questions and this is where I’ve had the most learning. My confidence as a leader has grown exponentially thanks to Claire’s coaching and this has had huge benefits for our organisation too. 

Not for Profit

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